The 2020 United States presidential elections are said to be the most important elections for this nation in at least a century. The battle to overturn this election is being fought on two fronts. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis consist of the “official team,” in charge of fighting with the most pressing evidence which consists mainly of fraudulent votes. These fraudulent votes were cast by dead people, illegals, underage citizens, and all-around mail-in ballots that were falsified and modified to add to the Biden numbers. …

Blind Item #2, 2019

This 80’s “college rock” band was still enjoying some new found success during the 90’s much thanks to their own prowess but also thanks to their A list singer making the right connections. New fans kept coming to the shows, even underage fans.

Even if he wasn’t signed to this record label mogul (he signed with the competition) they always remained cordial and some will even say “buddy buddies”, the mogul has always been open to help our A List singer in case shit hits the fan. …

Blind Item #1, 2019

This A Lister has been a serial cheater most of his dating life, he’s been married a number of times but of course that has never been a deterrent. He was far from being an A Lister then, more like a C Lister but he was already part of “the club”. We are going way back with this one, this is a few weeks after the Ravens beat the Giants at the Superbowl, the woman in question was an aspiring actress and this new boyfriend was not only of her liking but also supposed to help her with her career.

Total Disclosure

Total Disclosure is a 100% independent outlet. I focus on exposing child sex trafficking, pedophilia, tyranny, high profile murders, and secret societies.

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